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Monday, February 6, 2012

my final year project FYP

my first time to share about my final year project....i already a final year student in bio process technology....after almost four year studying here, USM, this is my final year n final sem for me to face it. and this is my first time to story about my project regarding isolation of microbe that capable producing PHA for bioplastic.... actually, i'm not so interested with this course, i ever felt that this is my wrong decision to study in this course for FOUR year...but then, when i start my final year project, it give me a desired to know better n do research about a new thing...to discover something that others does not do...hahahhaha how broken my language right? actually i dont know what i am trying to share, may be just a piece of photo from my result after working hard for 4month...lets check it out.... 

 waaaaa my plate, contamination happened...

my result, nile blue staining...5 from 8
 nile red....did you see anything? no result...


::backup for my FYP::

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