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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

home sweet home...

a story bout having a picnic with my family in a short holiday

You Know I’m A Dreamer
But My Heart’s Of Gold
I Had To Run Away High
So I Wouldn’t Come Home Low
Just When Things Went Right
It Doesn’t Mean They Were Always Wrong
Just Take This Song
And You’ll Never Feel
Left All Alone

Take Me To Your Heart
Feel Me In Your Bones
Just One More Night
And I’m Comin’ Off This
Long & Winding Road

I’m On My Way

Home Sweet Home
Tonight, Tonight
I’m On My Way
Home Sweet Home
You know that i've seen
so many romantic dreams
Up In Lights, Falling Off
The Silver Screen

My Hearts Like An Open Book
For The Whole World To Read
Sometimes Nothing
Keeps Me Together
At The Seams

this is some pictas my xtvt in a short tyme in my home sweet home a simple picnic
me with my loving queen
after bathing beachesthat nite i try to prepare my nasi pataya with my own style,
alhamdulillah, quite ok~nasi pataya with sun burning of me second day, having a barbecue

look so delicious rite?
ouchhhmy sis n cousin
this is mineour meal,
nasi daging by abah, gulai dalca by mak, daging bakar by abg ngah n adik make it with love by me
chocolate cake with my bro bfore return to penangmy bro ^_^

my sweet sismy great teacher in my life, abah
the one that i miss so much...mak i love u so much

this what we call home sweet home, the place that we comfortable with..

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