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Friday, November 26, 2010


assalamualaikum semua....
petang tadi saya dapat panggilan dari seseorang...sapekah itu? haaaaaaa...berita gembira ye...saya dipanggil untuk hadir interbiu esok....keje part tyme je pon tapi kena la blaja gak nk attend interbiu kan...
so, this evening i want to prepare myself.....i was found a book that will help me for tomorrow...hehehhe, now i read a book title 'GRADUAN- careers & employement for malaysian FRESH graduate'...
sgt bermakna buku nih..
so, meh kita kongsi tips2 interbiu question...

1- tell me about yourself::
this question is quite coomont and sound simple but many candidates stumble. just highlight your interest, basic backgroung education and passion in relation to your qualification. this tyme the interviewer is more interested in how you confident you are.

2- why should i hire you(instead of other candidate)?
this type of ques is to know what quality u want to see in your self. the best and more logical answer is 'bcoz i feel i am the best person for the job', but back up this up by reiterating how passionate n dedicate u are. then, mention other significant accomplishment relating to d position u are applying.

3- how do other perceive you?
the aim of this quest is to aveluate your understanding of your self, your social relationship and how you relate to other. when you speak about how others thinks of you, cite credible personalities and be specific about what they hold such an opinion.

4- how can you attribute our company?
again, highlight your passion to the job you applying for. list the strength and skill you can bring to the job and mention similar responsibilities you may have at school or university.

5- are you are team player?
the answer is 'OF COURSE'... and support your answer with team project that you ever handled. then, emphasize teamwork rather than your individual performance.

6- what are your weaknesses?
no need to elaborate a long list, interviewer just want to know your limitation and and if you are proactive in overcoming them.

7- why do you want to work with us?
to answer this ques intelligently, make sure you know the background of the company. try to search about d company and do the homework about that like what i do know....~ngeeeeee

8- how much do you things you should be paid?
this is tricky ques. you do not want to price yourself out of the market, nor should you settle for less than what you are worth. it is important to know the market rate is for the position you are applying.
(kalo bley mintak la bnyk2...hehehheeeee)

9- what color of your brain?
this is an example of crazy question. it is to stimulate a spontaneous response and throw you off balance...- just to see how quickly you think...

10- what motivated you?
at this stage in life, you will probably be working for the money and trying to discover your's life passion, but it would be not to say so! hehehhe...the rest, try to find yourself ya....

wish me luck ye kengkwan...
so, this is the ten tips from me....sooo sleeeepy...


  1. Good Luck..contiang sni skali hehe

  2. thanx~ i try my best...
    mai contiang2 xpa...

  3. pakai reben cm fatin liyana! hehe. comel2 :D

  4. salam...

    tips yg bagus...ni

    follow ur blog

  5. yeyy...
    tips yg bgosss :)

    msae intebiu msti rase nervous..huhu

  6. sbb tu kena wat preparation kan....
    kurangkan rasa nervous tu...huhuhu


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